Top 3 Montreal Neighborhoods to Search for Homes for Sale in 2018

Top 3 Montreal Neighborhoods to Search for Homes for Sale in 2018

Montreal is emerging as a hot property market following Vancouver and Toronto, especially in the luxury category. As such, it has received a lot of attention from both local and foreign buyers, and if you are amongst those interested in owning a piece of Montreal real estate, then here are the top neighborhoods you should consider during your search:

Laval-Ouest (Fabreville)

Laval is right at the heart of Montreal and what makes it such a nice neighborhood, is the fact that it is close to all transportation routes, thus providing residents with incredible reliability when it comes to moving in and out of Montreal. Most of the families in this region consist of homeowners, with 85% of the residents living in their homes. This is in great contrast with downtown Montreal where 80% are renters.


The average home price in the Chambly neighborhood is $306,000, and this is about $75,000 less than home prices in GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The greatest attraction in this neighborhood is the availability of three or four bedroom-detached homes, which seemingly are very hot right now in Canada. However, if you decide to bypass Montreal homes for sale and aim to secure a house in Chambly, you will have to contend with the commute, since it is not strategically located along the major routes. Matters could become worse if you hit traffic, since a distance which you could normally cover in 30 minutes could turn to two or three hours of commuting.


This is another great neighborhood to consider if you are looking to buy Montreal homes for sale. Just like Chambly, the greatest attraction here is the presence of extremely affordable three and four bedroom detached homes. A single family home in this place averages $210,000 and this is seen as affordable, for buyers who can comfortably user their savings to acquire such homes.